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Frequently Asked Questions

~Second Time Around Watch User's Manual~

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Buying From Second Time Around Watch Company

Why buy from Second Time Around Watch Company? Please see our "About Us" section to learn why our company is one of the premier sources for vintage and contemporary wristwatches for collectors and dealers around the world. If you still have a question, please click on any of the questions below or feel free to phone us at 310-271-6615.

  1. Do your watches come with a warranty?  Have your watches been serviced?
  2. Do your watches come with their original box & papers?
  3. What does the term "triple-signed" mean?
  4. How do you obtain your watches?
  5. Why buy a vintage watch over a new one?
  6. How accurate can I expect a mechanical wristwatch to be? How long will my mechanical wristwatch last? In general, why buy a mechanical wristwatch over a quartz wristwatch?
  7. How do you ship?
  8. Do you have a return policy?
  9. What forms of payment do you accept?
  10. Is your showroom open to the public?
  11. Can you ship internationally?
  12. Can you find the watch I'm looking for?
  13. Do you offer payment or financing plans?
  14. Do you offer restoration services?
  15. Do you accept trades?
  16. Do I have to pay sales tax?


  • Do your watches come with a warranty?  Have your watches been serviced?

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    Yes all our watches come with a 2-year warranty. Yes all our watches have recently been fully-serviced by our own in-house watchmakers. Although many vintage watches are found with pristine movements, others have been damaged over the years by careless watchmakers, as well as a lack of routine servicing. Needless to say, every watch sold by Second Time Around Watch Company, unless otherwise noted, is professionally serviced by our in-house watchmakers and warranted for two years - which is an extra year of warranty than the typical one-year warranties offered on brand new timepieces. Should your watch require routine servicing or repair after our warranty has expired, we will service or repair your watch at our wholesale cost.

    Please understand that while most vintage mechanical watches (with proper maintenance) tend to be accurate to within plus or minus 30 seconds per day, no vintage watch, no matter how carefully regulated, can rival the precise accuracy of modern quartz wristwatches.

  • Do your watches come with their original box & papers?

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    Many vintage watches, antique watches, and modern watches, when originally sold, were accompanied by presentation boxes, written warranties, owner's manuals ("papers") and other such accessories. Many watches were also sold with a leather band and buckle designed to compliment the watch. Needless to say, over time, most of these items have been discarded or lost. Consequently, any watch with its original box and papers (and/or original buckle and band) commands a premium. Unless otherwise noted, the watches we sell do not come with original boxes, papers, accessories, bands, or buckles. All of our watches are sold with new straps of the finest quality, unless stated otherwise.

  • What does the term "triple signed" mean?

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    When we mention in our descriptions that a watch is "Triple Signed", we are describing a watch that has been "signed" (i.e., stamped with the name or trademark of its manufacturer) on its movement, case, and dial. As a general rule, most watches that we sell are "Triple Signed".

    "Double signed" or "single signed" refers to a watch that is signed only on the case and movement, or dial, movement, or case alone. During the first half of the 20th Century, it was not uncommon for watch manufacturers to import encased watch dials and movements into the United States and case them in American "contract" cases in order to avoid high tariffs on gold and platinum watch cases made in Switzerland. Although watches with unsigned cases may be original, they typically are not as desirable as factory-cased and factory case-signed watches.

  • How do you obtain your watches?

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    Second Time Around Watch Company obtains its modern, antique, and vintage watches from a variety of sources: collectors, our clients, and from local and international dealers who sell only to the trade. We have a constant need for high-quality watches of all types, so if you have a fine watch you would like to sell or trade, please contact us. Although we are offered thousands of watches every year, we only select the very best examples, and painstakingly restore each watch to factory specifications. Whether you are looking for a watch in "new old stock" condition or one that can be worn casually, Second Time Around Watch Company most likely has the right watch for you.

  • Why buy a vintage watch over a new one?

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    At Second Time Around Watch Company, we of course love vintage watches! A vintage watch is always unique and offers its own special history, patina, and character — they all come with a story.

    Regarding value, vintage watches have already gone through their depreciation cycle and therefore tend to only be appreciating in value. When you walk out of the store with a new watch — kind of like a new car — you are already losing nearly half of its value. That’s just not the case with vintage timepieces.

    With proper care and maintenance, there is no reason why any mechanical vintage timepiece will not outlive a new owner and generations to follow. There is no issue which cannot be repaired in the hands of a competent technician, given adequate time and effort. Every watch we sell has already been fully serviced by us (which means it was completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and re-calibrated), comes with our 2-year warranty, and is guaranteed 100%-genuine and authentic.

  • How accurate can I expect a mechanical wristwatch to be? How long will my mechanical wristwatch last? In general, why buy a mechanical wristwatch over a quartz wristwatch?

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    Unfortunately no mechanical wristwatch in existence is perfectly accurate every day. In fact, most inexpensive quartz/battery-powered movements are generally several times more accurate than the most accurate mechanical wristwatches. Even though mechanical watches are in general far less accurate, they are typically reliable enough for the average person, and their charm and desirability lies in the appreciation of tradition and the high level of craftsmanship required the make them. Mostly however, there is the intangible and hard to explain feeling mechanical watch owners get from their timepieces — that their intricate mechanisms make them almost alive, as though they had a soul. The vast majority of vintage watches are accurate to within +/- 30 seconds per day, which was the accuracy specification of most of these watches when they were new, though we strive to calibrate them to be more precise and as accurate as possible.

    Most of the watches we sell have outlived their original owners. With proper care and maintenance, there is no reason they will not outlive us as well. A mechanical wristwatch can always be repaired, and within reason, be recalibrated to relatively accurate timekeeping. It is important to service a watch every three to five years in order to re-lubricate it and keep it free from dirt, dust, and moisture. Not all services were created equal, so to speak, so make sure to bring it somewhere that will correctly service your watch and maintain its originality, using only genuine and authentic parts. We of course recommend bringing in or sending us your vintage timepiece for periodic service, as our expert watchmakers are highly experienced in fully servicing watches and maintaining their originality (not just part-swapping to raise the repair bill, as is far too common). Our servicing is very competitively priced and you will typically save hundreds of dollars by sending your watch to us.

    One of the issues with collecting quartz wristwatches is that eventually, the circuitry in them will die, and be beyond repair. In this event, typically the entire movement will need to be replaced. Replacing the movement of a watch destroys its originality, and therefore tends to hurt its collectibility, so in general, quartz wristwatches are far less collectible. That said, there are certainly exceptions to this rule (and hence why we do carry some quartz wristwatch models).

  • How do you ship?

    [Back to Top] We ship overnight via UPS next business-day air, anywhere in the United States. All international orders are shipped via UPS Worldwide Express. Domestic shipping/insurance/handling is $50. International shipping/insurance/handling is $100.
  • Do you have a return policy?

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    Yes. We are very proud of our products and services, but we are especially proud of our reputation. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to return the purchased item(s) within 7 days of receipt for a full refund of the total purchase amount less applicable restocking fee, applicable credit card processing fee, and applicable shipping cost. Returns are subject to a restocking fee of 7.5% of the total purchase amount plus, if applicable, an additional charge of $50 for domestically shipped, or $100 for internationally shipped, purchased merchandise.   If the watch is exchanged for another watch in our inventory, rather than returned for a refund, no restocking fee will apply, and the full credit will be applied towards the watch selected as the replacement watch for the exchange.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

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    We accept all major credit cards within the United States.

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover Card

    If you are ready to make your purchase, you can visit our retail location, or check out directly online using the Buy Now green button, or contact us by phone, or you can contact us at info@secondtimearoundwatch.com. We also accept check, bank wire, and cash.  (Our bank wire information is available per request once the order is placed via phone or e-mail). Please be advised that there may be duties, VATs or other charges once the order arrives at its destination that our international customers will be responsible for. International orders that are shipped to a US destination may avoid those duties, VATs, etc.

    We are unable to ship insured, and/or there are restrictions regarding insured shipping, to several countries, including the following: All of South America, Israel, Egypt, and Mexico. We are able to ship to APO locations worldwide.

    For your convenience a link to a currency calculator is provided here: http://www.xe.com/ucc

  • Is your showroom open to the public?

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    Yes. Our retail store business hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. We are also available by appointment. We invite you to come visit our Beverly Hills, California retail store showroom - and to try on some of the most unique watches ever created. Our current inventory selection includes hundreds of unique watches -- all of which are visible both in-store AND online. We always look forward to meeting new people and sharing our love and enthusiasm for great watches. 

  • Can you ship internationally?

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    Many of our clients live overseas and we are very experienced in coordinating international shipments. Please be advised that all international shipments are sent via UPS WorldWide Express (for a charge of $100 USD) and that we cannot and will not make any false declarations on a Customs form with the intent of avoiding or reducing import duties in your country of origin that your local Customs Office may seperately charge you prior to receipt/delivery. International customers will therefore be responsible for the payment of any import duties/VATs/taxes, and any refusal reteun charges incurred. Please contact your local Customs Office to confirm what your import duty tax amount rate will be.  Please contact us at info@secondtimearoundwatchco.com or by phone at 310-271-6615 with any additional questions you may have regarding international shipping costs and details.   Below are the expected import duties/VAT/taxes typically charged by the following Countries:

            Australia:  0 - 17.5%         Austria: 3.5% - 20% (average 3.5%)        Belgium:  3.5% - 21% (average 3.5%)        Canada: 0 - 20% 

            China:  0 - 35%        Denmark:  5 - 25%       France: 5% - 19%       Germany:  5% - 19%      Greece: 0 - 12%      Hong Kong: 0%

            India: 0 - 40%       Ireland:  5% - 20% (avearge 3.5%)      Italy:  5% - 22% (average is 3.5%)      Japan:  0 -22%    Norway:  0 - 25%

            Netherlands:  5% - 21% (average 3.5%)     New Zealand:  0 - 25%     Poland:  0 - 15% (average 4.2%)    Portugal:  0 - 15% (average 4.2%)

            Puerto Rico:  0 -7%     Singapore:  0 - 1%     South Korea:  7.9% avergae     Spain:  0 - 20% (average 4.2%)    Switzerland:  302% average

            Sweden:  2% - 14% (average 4.2%)         Taiwan:  2% - 60% (average 8.2%)      United Kingdom:  0 -15% (average 4.2%)

  • Can you find the watch I'm looking for?

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    Second Time Around Watch Company is recognized as a premier source for vintage watches and modern watches for dealers, collectors, and regular people worldwide. We attend numerous watch shows and auctions every year, so if we do not have the watch you are looking for in our current inventory, chances are that we may know where to find it. We welcome your inquiries. Please E-mail us at info@secondtimearoundwatchco.com or phone us at 310-271-6615 for more information.

  • Do you offer payment or financing plans?

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    Yes. In certain instances, we may be able to offer extended payment terms on a case-by-case basis under a lay-a-way plan.  We generally require a minimum deposit of 25%, the second 25% within 30 days, then the third  25% within 60 days, and the final 25% payment within 90 days. Please E-mail us at info@secondtimearoundwatchco.com or phone us at 310-271-6615 for more information.

  • Do you offer restoration/repair services?

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    Yes, we offer complete restoration services on almost any type of watch. Our expert team of in-house watchmakers are available for the repair and service of your antique, vintage, or modern wristwatch. There is no repair or service which we are unable to perform. Please call or e-mail us with any questions about our service facility.

  • Do you accept trades?

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    Yes. Whether you are "trading up" to the watch of your dreams or want to partially cash out on a watch you own, Second Time Around Watch Company will be happy to consider any and all trade proposals. When submitting trade proposals, please remember to mention the brand, case material, shape, diameter, and age of the watch, along with any reference numbers that may be helpful identifying it.  Please feel free to email us a scan or photograph as well.

  • Do I have to pay sales tax?

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    If you live in the state of California, we must charge 9.25% sales tax unless you have a valid California state resale number. If you are visiting our showroom from out-of-state or overseas, and your purchase is shipped to your home address, located outside of the state of California, no sales tax is due. 

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